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Famous Actors who turned down superhero roles

This article was published on: 12/19/23 9:04 PM

During this festive season we wanted to make use of our christmas downtime and what better way than to push AI to see what it can do.

We have some extremely talented graphic designers but to create something of this quality would take weeks or even months.

So who did turn down superhero roles and what would they look like suited up! Here goes..

Amanda Seyfried as Gamora

Zoe Salandar took on the role for the first GOTG and continues to carry the kick-ass’ villain turned superhero across the MCU.


Emily Blunt as Black Widow

Emily suits the red hair, firey Natasha but does she take over as Black Widow over Scarlett Johansson


Jason Momoa as Drax

Another one on the list from James Gunn, would you rather see Jason as Aquaman or in the MCU as Drax with the GOTG?


Jon Hamm as The Green Lantern

Now, Ryan Reynolds hated this role and felt it kind of kicked back his career, so he corrected that in DeadPool 2.


Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman

We cannot see anyone else playing Diana apart from Gal Gadot, but could kate work?


Tom Cruise as Iron Man

Iron man gave Robert a second chance in the industry and we feel the gratefulness for this role and kick-starting the MCU worked in both corners


Will Smith as Superman

We are not 100% sure this is true as Will played hancock (a drunk superman) so why would he turn one down and play the other?


Zachary Levi as Star-lord

Final one in the GOTG film casting, it seemed every man and his dog were shortlisted for this film, bet some are kicking themselves now as its one of the leading superhero top-grossing films.


Joaquin Phoenix as Dr Strange


And finally, Joaquin Phoenix as Dr turned superhero Dr Strange – We love Joaquin as the new Joker so maybe this worked out for the best.

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