stepholt is making history
we’ve come a long way from where we began




The Beginning

Yoda was born, working on computers from an early age! 8 years old, impressing University IT Professor


Working the Scene

First job for Dell on rebuilds & upgrades, and working with Microsoft Front-Page out of hours!


A change of pace

After a long chat with family, the idea of becoming an epic Design/Developer was born, and the rest is history (hard work more like!)


Freelancing starts

At the tail of the end of the year, the first courses completed, and freelancing begins!

01 / 2007

It's a family thing

Working on various projects with Adaptavist a Platinum Atlassian Partner


Jobs Aplenty!

Contracts incoming, working on various projects from HTML Emails with Constant Contact, to Custom Site Builds using Actinic Software


The Big Score

Autotrader contract - email marketing, bespoke landing pages, and general bug fixing.


JJB Sports

Working on a redesign and rebuild of the main site, on BT Fresca (not by choice)


JJB Teamwear

A new venture for both sides, custom teamwear for all sports, plus the ability to design your own! Built on Magento.


Making in Magento

First major build on Magento with the client having 50k plus product with a turnover of 500k which increased by 10% within the first month of launch and still continuers to grow year on year


Mix & Match

High sportswear brand website built on Magento with a WordPress blog bolted on, driving 10k visitors per day after only 6 months.

12 / 2015

Magento more & more

Magento contracts for London based Kinghill Jewellry and food brand Good Hemp


Work, Work, Work

Lynsey comes on board to handle the accounts side of the business.

04 / 2018

Wordpress Wonders

With Wordpress builds coming in thick and fast with at least 30 launches that year including food start ups to established brands like Delamere dairy.

10 / 2019

Eccleston Homes

Brand new home builders website, build on WordPress with ACF giving the client the ability to easily edit this bespoke build.

03 / 2020

COVID 19 kicks in

we switch to remote working and an influx of work kicks off as everyone wants to go online

05 / 2020

Shopify Partners

We join the fastest growing eCommerce platform under a white label agency

06 / 2020


UX/UI Design and coded on their custom platform. a mobile first, UX, UJ for the world-wide customer base.

07 / 20202

Drupal 9

We are excited to offer D9 to our client and white label partners

09 / 2020

White Label Agency

We join one of the biggest digital agencies as a white label partner

12 / 2020

New Partnership

We seal a 12 month contract with one of the biggest agencies in Northern California

01 / 2021

Agency Partners

More partnerships form under our white label solutions

01 / 2021

Pantheon Platform

We partner with one of the biggest WordPress & Drupal hosting providers

03 / 2021

Greenfield Projects

Multiple site launches in the new year as we continue with the workload of COVID

04 / 2021

Resilient Nutrition

We launch our second Shopify site of the year

06 / 2021

Shopify 2.0

As shopify partners we are excited to be offering the latest shopify 2.0 platform

04 / 2022

WordPress Headless

we switch our focus on to React front end as we move the agency into a new business lane

05 / 2022

WordPress 6.0

a major release for wordpress. we so many extended features for the leading CMS

08 / 2022

Drupal's Back

Due to high demand we are back offering solutions on D7 to D8 & D9 migrations

12 / 2022

White Label Shopify project

a greenfield Project gets underway, a solid 6 months on design and development


Happy New Year

we had an up and down year but we move forward in the right direction


30 Bespoke WordPress Builds

Same Theme and Booking app across multiple domains given the green light


Energy Rating Dashboard Development

A bespoke, database driven dashboard fill with reports, customer uploads & tons of cool features


Shopify Theme

A leading tool manufacture reaches out for white lable serivces on a bespoke shopify theme across multiple channels