About Stepholt

eCommerce Specialist in WordPress, Shopify & Magento Design and Development. Over 20 years of building businesses online and marketing brands around the world.

About Stepholt

About Stepholt

Our Branding & History

Current Site Edit: July 2023 = A futuristic, cyberpunk look and feel based on a dashboard layout for ease of use. 

Our site theme/branding changes each year to suit our current ideas but if it’s well received we will keep it for longer. Why? we are very creative and feel the need to shake things up when things become outdated, lifeless as we work in a fast-paced industry, and staying at the top of the game is key for us.

Will, the founder started building websites over 20 years ago on Microsoft Frontpage, one of the first website software programs used in the early 2000s – over the year working with brands, agencies, and businesses he developed his skillset to evolve with the latest tech.

A lot has changed over the past years and our current branding supports over vision to design and develop websites that are futureproof.

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Take a look at our history, we go way back

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what is devops

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organisation’s services

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wordpress developers

Custom builds designed & developed just for you.

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Leading Liquid Theme code experts for Shopify in the UK.

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we white label code for your agency to strict nda’s

if you are looking for a partner agency to help a project get over the line or a greenfield site to work on right away, we are the team for you. Working as part of your agency, we will manage, design, building and delivery any project pushed our way.

And after so may years of designing and developing and learning, adapting, we’re offering our services to you! We put passion and heart into every one of our projects as we know how much they matter to you!