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This article was published on: 11/4/21 3:28 PM

Graphic Design encompasses a lot of different design aspects that are for visual use – it can be used to define everything from Logo Creation, in the Modern Era, all the way back to Cave Paintings 17,000 years ago, making Graphic Design an Ancient craft! The term itself, ‘graphic design’ was coined during the 1920s, in the print industry – in the modern tongue, Graphic Design is about Aesthetic appeal – creating visuals & logos, images etc. that attract consumers and brands, based on images, colours, and fonts, however, UX (User Experience) Designers would focus less on attraction, and more towards a human-centred approach, focusing on specific user experiences with the way designs look. UX Design is important for Websites, and eCommerce, and brands that do a lot of business on the internet, as it brings a personalized touch and humanizes the page. Not only that but UX Design takes into account the usability aspects of design work; you can make something beautiful, but if it isn’t functional, for example, if I can’t find what I’m looking for on a page, then it’s of little consequence how nice the page looks! Under the umbrella of graphic design, UX Design describes the creation of attractive and interesting visuals that users find enjoyable, meaningful *AND* Usable. User Psychology plays a vital part in this, and graphic design can be broken down into a number of considerations, the most important being:

    • The Golden Ratio (AKA Divine Proportion, best estimated by Fibonacci’s sequence, it details the most aesthetically pleasing proportions of blocks; seen in the Renaissance, most notably da Vinci’s work.)
    • The Rule of Thirds (A demonstration of how users’ eyes see layouts and how good they are, and what that makes them feel.)
    • Audience Demographics (Your internal associations based on cultural upbringing: From reading left to right, to whether you see the colour red as a signal of good fortune like in some eastern cultures, or an alert/danger sign.)
    • Typography (From the font-style, weight & size up to how the headings sit, how bold or light you choose to be can sway the immediate response of your users.)
    • Flow, Repetition, Patterns, Symmetry and Balance too!

There is a whole ocean of research, development & innovation in Graphic Design & if you’re taking the plunge, we can help! We’re UX/UI Design specialists and we focus on the user experience & journey on your site so that you don’t need to worry about doing 1,000 hours of in-depth research – we’re ready to go! So if you’re looking for Graphic Design to boost your site, and improve your User Experience, Click here to get in touch and let’s work some magic!

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