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How old is WordPress

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This article was published on: 01/11/18 9:58 PM

WordPress is 14 years old

However on May 27, 2018 WordPress will have been released 15 years, wow where has the time gone?

Ingenious Bear get asked How Old is WordPress? How much experience do you have? We have used WordPress for over a decade and with the likes of Shopify, Wix and a host of new ‘Build it yourself‘ platforms the team needed to up WordPress’s game.

WordPress was developed in 2003 by developers Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little but it isn’t until recent years WordPress has become the best.

Over the early years, maybe pre 2010, the popular open source platform was very vulnerable to attacks in the form of MySQL injection which gave hackers access over the control panel so many Developers stayed clear of using it.

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What version is WordPress on?

WordPress Development is currently on version 4.9 with the hope of releasing the latest version of five in the next few months. What will be in store for the latest WordPress, built in drag and drop, out of the box online e-Commerce software or why try and reinvent the wheel, WordPress does the basics beautiful with the option of a vast amount of plugins to customise to your every desire.

We use WordPress for day-to-day websites, including general businesses and even large eCommerce shops using WooCommerce to handle the complete shopping experience.

How old is WordPress? Is it reliable? Is it easy to use? answer to all 3 is yes and WordPress basics only scrapes the surface of what this powerful open source platform can do for you, when customised the right way.

Why we love WordPress

WordPress has come along way since the early days of 2003, a PHP, database driven website which enables users to write beautifully written content easier.


If you are looking to expand your business online with a website then why not consider using a WordPress platform, it’s fast, reliable and will suit your every need.

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