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This article was published on: 03/17/21 10:00 PM

Available Shopify API List

As a shopify partner we offer a wide range of API services to connect your store to a 3rd party integration for data transfer. Below are a list of different types of APIs used on your shopify store.

If you require any work with a Shopify API we offer pricing to suite you business and budget from set hours to rolling month to month set days to ensure you max our skills and experience within an allocated time which helps cash flow within your business.


Admin API

This API is used to read and write data about merchant stores, products, orders, and more plus the Admin API is accessible using either GraphQL (recommended) or REST.

Shopify: Learn more about the Admin API


Storefront API

Extend your Shopify buying experiences into web, mobile, and gaming environments that go beyond Shopify’s built-in store or Shopify POS. As Shopify developers this enables us to work with customer and product data, and to create custom storefronts.

Shopify: Learn more about the Storefront API


Ajax API

Mainly used in the Shopify Themes to enable customers to update a shopping cart without having to refresh the browser.

Shopify: Learn more about the Ajax API


Analytics API

Finally the Analytics API is accessed through the Admin API within Shopify which allows you to use a query language called ShopifyQL to get detailed metrics about a merchant’s store.

Shopify: Learn more about the Analytics API


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