How to Create A Server & Browser API Key

A simple step-by-step guide to creating API keys on Google for using on Google Maps Javascript – Ideal for WordPress plugins

How to Create A Server & Browser API Key

How to Create A Server & Browser API Key

1. Create or Login to Google

Visit Google Developers Console and login or you can create an account for free here

2. Create a new Project

using the button at the top of the page, create a new project



3. Go to Menu - APIs & Services - Dashboard.

Once set up, to the API setting within your dashboard to add new API keys

4. Create credentials

Along the top bar, hit the ‘create credentials’ then select API Key




5. Copy generated API Key

The key will take a moment to generate, once done, copy or save to a location and label it ‘server key’

6. Edit the API settings

Click the 3 dots to the right of the new API key – then select ‘edit API key’




8. Details for the API Key

When editing the API Key you need to fill in a few fields.


  • Name: you will need two keys so name the first one Server Key and when you repeat the process name the section ‘Browser Key’
  • Your API will be here too just in case you need to copy it again
  • Select the website and a new option box will appear.
  • use your domain, the best method if you have subdomains is https://**
  • Ensure the API isnt restricted and hit save
This is How to Create A Server and Browser API Key for any website or IP call

8. Repeat for Browser Key

Once you have set up the ‘Server Key’ repeat the process and name the second API as Browser Key

You will now have 2 keys generated in your dashboard – you can repeat this process for another website or only generate one API if that is all that is needed.


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