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How to export Products in Magento 2

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This article was published on: 03/12/21 11:44 PM

If you have not got used to the new M2 database of yet, why not Export Products in an CSV files then take a look at the new Magento 2 product structure.

Exporting Products Data is not only for the purpose of helping you get a better understanding with the M2 database, It is also a great tool to back up all of your product data plus easier migration, so save the product data local in a safe place for a rainy day, remember to save your WooCommerce data too.

Let’s dive in – How to export Products in Magento 2

Export Products All Data, Filter, and Exclude Attributes in Magento 2

  • Step 1: Start to Export Products Data
  • Step 2: Configure the Type of Export Data
  • Step 3: Export Your Data and Open CVS File to View

Step 1: Start to Export Products Data

On the Admin sidebar, click System > Data Transfer > Export.
In the Export Settings section, set the Entity Type field to “Product” to start to export your products data.

Leave the default Export File Format of “CSV”. Export Products

Step 2: Configure the Type of Export Data

After choosing the entity type in step 1, an Entity Attributes section will appear, which lists all the available attributes in the alphabetical order.
To search for the products according to product’s label or product’s code, enter the label/code in the Attribute Label/Attribute Code then click on the Search button.
To export only records with specific attribute values, enter the required value in the Filter column.
To omit an attribute from the export, mark the Exclude checkbox at the beginning of the row. Export Products

Step 3: Export Your Data and Open CSV File to View

Scroll down and click Continue in the lower-right corner of the page to launch the exporting action.
When being prompted, Click Save to save the export file.
Open the CSV file to view or edit the imported data.

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