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This article was published on: 11/14/23 8:37 PM

Each week on our stand-up up we discuss all things web design from inspiration to cool web design websites we have stumbled across and we take a deep dive in. As a leading digital agency in Manchester, we need to ensure we are on top of the latest trends, tech stacks, and future SEO methods.

Here is the top 3 websites we discussed among talking family, weekend antics, funny friends, and pet bloopers to keep us a tight-knit ‘work family’ – also we take the time to listen if anyone is low, have issues are we are all here for each other. #mentalhealth


Top web design websites for ideas

First up is behance, filled with designs from all around the world. These designers’ skillset range from Logo’s to UX / UI wireframes and complete web design websites – search a keyword and filter results or view all creative fields.

Awwwards is a directory of award-winning websites, including site of the day. Some clients are not a fan of the logic behind this website as they would like to submit their website but you have to pay for submissions.


Deviant Art

Deviant Art is the original portfolio for designers and keen artist which range from Manga to high-res print advertisement, over the years other websites have taken hold of the top position in this industry but Deviant Art continues to help designers showcase work.


web design websites

Please drop us a message if you think we are missing a key websites new or old – Don’t forget, we have been around a long time so if you know a pearl website that has stood the test of time please let us know.

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