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How to Make Your Shopify Website Live

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This article was published on: 12/27/21 10:45 AM

How to Make Your Shopify Website Live

If you want to know how easy it is to make a Shopify site go live then please follow our step-by-step guide and all things Shopify, brought to you by Manchesters leading Shopify Plus Agency.

You’ve spent valuable time and effort creating the perfect Shopify Store, you have added your products, filed in the eCommerce pages needed but how do you hit the magic ‘go live’ button and make your Shopify store live?


Here are the steps on How to Make Your Shopify Website Live on a custom domain name:

1. Add the new domain in your Shopify Dashboard

In the Shopify dashboard, go to from logging in to Sales Channels > Domains > Connect existing domain and then copy and paste the purchased domain you want to connect. (remember you need to purchase this from a domain provider like Go Daddy)

2. Update DNS records in Go Daddy (example domain registrar)

Login to your domain registrar and navigate to the DNS settings, sometimes it’s under Advanced DNS settings, and update the following DNS records: Replace the @ or main A record with the following IP address:
Add or replace the www CNAME with (you can find this on the domains settings page)

3. Remove store passwords from Development view

In Shopify, go to Sales Channels > Preferences > Password protection > untick enable password.
This will enable any customers who are not part of your store to see your new website.

4. Set as the primary domain

Jump back into Sales Channels > Domains, where you can now set your primary domain. Please note that you also check the ‘Redirect all traffic to this domain’. For SEO reasons this enables all traffic to be directed to your primary domain.

5. Pre-flight checks

Errors: Rescan the website for one final content check, errors or missing images, be sure you are making the best first impression.
Deadlinks: Check all links including SEO links and sub navigations on the site.

Thank you for reading our Shopify Blog on How to Make Your Shopify Website Live – also if you are new to eCommerce please use the following link to Try Shopify for free! Sign up and get a 14-day trial of Shopify.

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